Colossal Theme

COLOSSAL – a professional business group that caters to “All That Matters”. We come to work every day as we want to solve all your problems, whether big or small. We:

  • Have the skills, experience and technical know-how that matter
  • To provide the best of the class services and products that matter
  • To you focusing on all the aspects that matter
  • With security, quality and customer service that matter
  • For results that matter.

Our brand, COLOSSAL does not only reflect our unflinching dream to massively grow into an enormous global business group but also that you, our client, regardless of your size, will always be of gigantic importance to us thus receiving gargantuan attention, whopping quality and epic customer support.

Our mission is to passionately deliver complete range of innovative and value-driven solutions transparently.

Colossal Beginning

COLOSSAL introduced its first brand “Colossal Prowess” in 2016 with an idea to create synergy by bringing distinct skill-sets and heterogeneous industry experience under one roof.

Initially, we offered several financial & management consulting services.  As the business grew, some of the service lines were spin-off into independent brands while we also continued to add new ventures on the way.

With time, a simple idea of blending diverse expertise, has turned into a COLOSSAL paragon of integrated multiple business lines under one roof.

Colossal People

We carefully select our team. Everyone, from Executives to junior team members, are COLOSSAL proficient, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Our senior team members have 25+ years’ multi-disciplinary and multi-industry experience supported by a daedal team in middle management and exceptionally talented young blood.

We’re a diverse but close-knit team.  We believe each individual is unique and this blend yields COLOSSAL results.

Colossal Values


Regard colleagues, clients, business partners and suppliers as part of one team. We value everyone’s contribution.


Exhibit honesty and high moral values at all times. We strive to be transparent.


Consolidate knowledge, skill, experience and talent. We are relentless in continuous improvement.


Produce timely, accurate, useful and clear results efficiently. We are committed to being consistent and reliable.

Colossal Service Pillars


Have the ability, capacity & power to render a service.


Achieve maximum productivity with minimum possible effort and expense.


Produce desired or decisive results adequately.